Ring Floodlight Camera Alternatives

Ring security cameras have become a household name for doorbell and security cameras in thousands of homes around the world. Here are some alternatives to the Ring Floodlight Camera you might consider.

Ring Floodlight Camera Alternatives


A simple flexible, wireless and east to install and use system is the Arlo Pro 2 Home Security Camera System. It comes with 2 weatherproof cameras and a base station. Additional cameras can be added. The do not feature the big bright LED lights of the Ring Spotlight, but the LED’s are typically adequate for home use.

Swann Floodlight Camera

The Swann Floodlight Camera has super bright floodlights and a wide angle camera lens. With heat and motion sensors and a plethora of standard features, this floodlight camera is a nice alternative to the Ring Spotlight camera.

Netavu LED Floodlight Camera

The Netavu LED Floodlight Camera is a waterproof camera that works with Alexa and Echo that can be wired or wireless. It doesn’t use battery’s, so a standard 110 outlet is needed for power.