Nurture Your Network For Profit

I just finished re-reading “Power Networking, 55 Secrets for Personal and Professional Success” by Donna Fisher and Sand Vilas. It was a great reminder of the power of networking, conversation, and thank-you’s. It talks about growing  your network to get away from the Lone Ranger mentality and saying “I can do this faster and easier by using the sources in my network.”

Here are a few take aways from the book:

  • Weekly, call at least one person whom you have not talked to in at least ninety days. This helps to reactivate your “hidden network”.
  • Send a gift or note as soon as possible for anyone who has served or supported you in some way.
  • Invite those in  your network to events that you are participating in when you know it might be of value to them.
  • Set up google alerts for the names and businesses of people in your network and share them with them as soon as you see them.

Of course there are many more tips on growing and nurturing your network that I noted in my copy of the book.