Alan Feldman, CyberSecurity Expert, Are Fitness Trackers Tracking You?

Alan Feldman, CyberSecurity Expert in February 2018

Here is the link to my latest interview with Jacky De Tore on Fox43, Are Fitness Trackers Tracking You? Alan Feldman, a cybersecurity expert at Virtual October, says some other experts were able to track down even more information.┬áHe said, “They did find out a way to find the individual specifically at that location, with the Strava fitness tracker, their identity, who they are, what country they’re from. It just keeps going deeper, deeper and deeper and that’s where the concern is.”

Jacky reached out to me on this one to get my take. I did more research and was able to dive a little deeper to uncover the bigger concern.

This was my first interview outside my office. I did it from my home office. Looks like I should of tidies up a bit. Since then I have added more license plates to my collection. And I organized a little bit.