Model Railroad Supplies from the dollar store

Model Railroad Supplies from the dollar store

Watch my latest YouTube video (Alan’s Latest Goof) as I demonstrate my expert ability of goofiness in this great hobby of model railroading. Today I recap another one of my lessons learned while doing that last project, the kitbashed plastic model that looks like wood and my learning experience in purchasing model railroad supplies from the dollar store.

While I’m painting the gray stone  around the model railroad station I wanted to mix the gray into lighter and darker shades to make different stones. I carefully placed the gray, black and white paint onto the palette. Then I went to work mixing in various spots with newly ripped off piece of sponge. The black definitely made the gray darker, but the white was not working.

I mixed more white; Still no change. Instead of getting lighter in color it was staying the same color and getting thicker and stickier.

Why is this not working? Jason Jenson Trains makes it look so simple, easy and natural.

After carefully examining the bottle, which looks exactly like an acrylic craft paint size, shape and lid, I realized the specific term of “Podge” on the label.  Podge turns out to mean glue instead of a color. Think Mod Podge from a craft store.

Dummy me purchased glue from the dollar store instead of white craft paint. I don’t think the store knew either since it was right with all the other paints. Note to self, PODGE means glue. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake.

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