New House Basement Model Railroad Room Tour

New House Basement Model Railroad Tour

Recently moved into a new home. The boxes. The stress. The throwing out of things. Moving can be as destructive as a fire.

Well I’m moved in and mostly unpacked and wanted to show you a quick basement tour of my new train layout room and hobby workshop area. Much more to come on this endeavor. So much to do and think about. I have a general floorplan in my head and haven’t got it down on paper. I have a few ideas on my layout wish list, that I’ll be adding to along the way. And I’m planning to share all of this with you guys as we go. Also will be participating in some live streams and live chats on youtube and possibly facebook. Looking forward to getting this setup and going. Have a lot of mini-projects along the way to show and share and learn from everyone.

Plans include:

  • Large layout room in HO scale
  • Hobby workshop area
  • Tabletop N scale layout
  • 3d printing
  • Scratch building
  • Kitbashing
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi
  • DCC and DC

Can’t wait to get this started and share with everyone.